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The Blue Line Farmers’ Market

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The Blue Line Farmers’ Market is sponsored jointly by the City of Compton, LA Metro Transit Authority and managed by Urban Leaderpreneurs in conjunction with Green Hope USA. We are open every Wednesday  from 3pm– 7pm!

New This Week at the Market ~ November 13, 2013



Cobblermania is BACK!!!

For all you Cobblermaniacs out there who love to enjoy GREAT Cobbler! Make sure you come early because she sells out everywhere she goes! Tastes SOOOOO GOOD makes you wanna SLAP somebody…LOL!

Organo Gold Coffee

Organo Gold’s Gourmet Café Supreme combines the power of Ginseng and Certified authentic Organic Ganoderma, for a smooth latte blend perfect for coffee drinkers looking for a natural lift to their day.rts and Crafts for your kids to enjoy!

Unearth & Empower

UEC’s initial programming focuses on strengthening the areas of literacy, arts education, mentoring and entrepreneurship.


Print out your Senior discount Card for savings or show your Metro TAP Card and save up to  10%!

See you at YOUR Market!

Seniors Get Your Early Bird Discount Card TODAY!

Just click on the card and print it from your computer…senior Front Final


1270656_10202059732875626_585623614_oOur Youth!
Bright, talented and hungry to learn how to survive in a World that gives them no voice!
Welcome to Grow Baby, Grow!! Permaculture University!
Learning everything from the root to the shoot! We are Urban, Organic Farmers.
Growing organic plants to turn into Value-Added Products, such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, chilies, salt, herbs and spices.
We take them and make good, healthy products for ourselves, our families and our communities.

The Health disparities are very bad in our communities of South Los Angeles, Watts and Compton!
The food has changed, but we haven’t. We continue to eat dead food, devoid of minerals, vitamins, and most importantly, ENZYMES.
Enzymes are fleeting and you have to eat straight out of a garden to get optimal enzymes, as they are depleted with time.
Enzymes give the body life, encouraging your cells to stay strong and not mutate. They prevent cancer because they contain PHYTOCHEMICALS, healthy plant based chemicals that cure and heal, naturally! These are found ONLY in fresh foods!

As the students learn how to make their signature creations, they are invited to showcase their wares at our new Blue Line Farmers’ Market, in the next weeks, as we head toward the holidays!
Some of their creations are cookies, brownies, sliced tropical fruit, spices, candles, organic soap, head wraps, neck ties, gloves, hats,ect.

In the coming months, as we farm in Compton, fresh produce will begin to appear!
Fresh onions, Garlic, Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables of all kinds. These youth have the opportunity to teach the State of California, how they can give back and stand as good examples to their peers of what it takes to be a success, right here at home!

Many children lack confidence in the beginning at Grow Baby, Grow, but they usually warm up when they try the organic products and taste them. They try and fail at research and development of their new products, but with patience they get it right!
Students learn about food safety, packaging, labeling, sealing, marketing and distribution – both domestic and internationally!

The Cottage Industry Act AB 1616 has opened the door for our youth to excel in the field of becoming a successful business person and help them stay on track! Soon each will join the Compton Business Chamber of Commerce, as Junior Members.
Mr. Jeff Lillie, Market Director and myself are creating the UrbanLinc Village Market Place where we showcase these talented youth every week.

Come show your support for your children every Wednesday 3 to 7pm at our New Blue Line Station Farmers’ Market in Compton!

Together, We Rise!

A New Day in Compton

farmers-market11Things are changing in Compton and the Blue Line Farmers’ Market is at the forefront of the positive new development in Hub City. The market is centrally located in front of the Compton Blue Line Station and next to the MLK Bus Terminals. This area is officially known as the MLK Transit Center Village. Every day thousands of public transportation users travel into Downtown Compton via the MLK Transit Center.

LA Metro Transit Authority has partnered with the Blue Line Farmers’ Market to become the official marketing sponsor for it’s 1.2 million plus Riders, over 100,000 LA County and 10,000 Metro Employees.

There is also a 30,000 sq. ft. Senior Citizen Activities Center being built directly behind the Transit Center, making the MLK Transit Center Village the destination location for seniors throughout South Los Angeles and South Bay in 2014.

The Blue Line Farmers’ Market is a community platform to promote unity amongst all cultures in the City of Compton through our wide array of diverse programs.

It also functions as an education platform for health, wellness and financial literacy. The Blue Line Farmers’ Market is the hub for the people of Compton and surrounding areas to escape for a few hours every Wednesday afternoon and enjoy good food, good products, good information and good entertainment with good people.

Produced on behalf of  the City of Compton, this local favorite serves a diverse group of neighborhoods including Carson, Lakewood, Gardena, Paramount, Downey and Lynwood.

Every Wednesday, the Market features several local farmers along with numerous artisans and food vendors who bring a diverse selection of local produce as well as spices, sprouts, breads, nuts, baked goods and fresh flowers each week. The market also hosts monthly events including cooking demonstrations, tastings, children’s activities and live entertainment.

The Blue Line Farmers’ Market is open every Wednesday from 3pm– 7pm, rain or shine, and is located at 101 E. Palmer St.  in downtown Compton.

Go Metro and save up to 10% at all Farmers Market booths. For more details, click here. Metro provides Bus and Rail transportation to Compton via the Blue Line. For your best route or more info, visit the Metro Trip Planner or call (323) Go Metro or (323.466.3876).

Blue Line Farmers’ Market Mission

130618_0012Our mission at the Blue Line Farmers’ Market is to increase the availability of quality food, products, services, and entertainment in the city of Compton and to function as “The Hub” for social, educational, and cultural development for the greater Los Angeles area.

Changing Face of Compton

compton-bankruptcyCompton is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It is home to almost 100,000 citizens. Known as the “Hub City” because of its unique position in almost the exact geographical center of Los Angeles County, Compton is strategically located along the Alameda Corridor, a passageway of 25 percent of all U.S. waterborne international trade. Compton is rapidly emerging as a large industrial center in Los Angeles County for transit and distribution, business services, high technology, home and lifestyle products, metals, financial services, and textile manufacturing.

The New Transit Village Development

Compton Senior Center

The new Transit Village development is being built directly across the street from the Blue Line Farmers’ Market.

The North Downtown Master Plan Project consists of the development of a Transit Village comprising the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center, Community Center, Seniors Activity Center, and parking structure.

The North Downtown Master Plan Project is currently in the building phase of the development process, with project completion expected in 2014. The estimated project budget is $39,900,000.

An approximately 30,000 sq.ft. Senior Citizen Activities Center will be situated on two floors. The new center enhances indoor-outdoor relationships by promoting natural heating and cooling, as well as, natural ventilation and sun penetration.

There will be parking garage with 1 level subterranean and 3 above ground levels(150 spaces per floor).

The Community Center will be approximately 20,000sq.ft. and situated on two floors.

Blue Line Farmers’ Market News

Ribbon CuttingThe Compton Blue Line Farmers’ Market is Now Officially Open!

Mayor Aja Brown & Compton City Council with Isadore Hall’s & Janice Hahn’s Offices


LA Times

Los Angeles Times – Sunday 9/15/2013

Compton Gets Taste of Healthier Eating with New Farmers Market



The Compton Tribune – Friday 9/13/2013

Compton Has a New Weekly Farmers’ Market for Healthier Food Choices

Become a Blue Line Farmers’ Market Vendor

Hurry! Space is limited! Booth rent is FREE through October 2, 2013!

We will be expanding the market in 3 Phases with only 25 Vendor spaces available in each phase. Don’t delay, the 1st Phase is filling up fast!

We currently only allow one vendor per niche. Contact our offices first to verify that there are no other vendors registered in your niche. (888) 353-5554 x 9

All applications have a  nonrefundable $25.00 application processing fee due at filing. To expedite the processing of your application, download and email your signed Application and last 2 pages of the Blue Line Market Rules to BlueLineFM@urbanlinc.org or you can fax it to 562-490-8397.

Artisan/Service Provider Application

Food Vendor Application

Producer Application  & Producer Sheet

Non-Profit Application

Filming or Other Activity Application

Blue Line Market Rules

Correo electrónico BlueLineFM@urbanlinc.org para aplicaciones

escritas en español.

Phase 1 Registered Vendors & Community Organizations

UrbanLinc Village Young Entrepreneurs Program

The Tribe – Home & Garden Plants

La Nayja & Friends Spicy Pumpkin Seeds


The Seed Lady                                                            Gama Farms 

Healthy Greens Company                                    GB Farms

New Era Farms                                                          Moises Farms

Aunt Willies Apiaries


Cobblermania                                                            Zesty Herbs & Spices

JoJo’s Dozen                                                              Royal Cooking Oils

Aloha Pop Kettle Corn                                          All About the Crust

Giovanni’s Water Ice                                             Victory Outreach Compton

Sr. Cliffs Texas Style Burritos                            QT’s Smoke House BBQ

Postcards Central American Soul Food          Sophie’s Seafood


Christian Tees & More                                            Body Butter Lady

Beverly’s Beautiful Baskets                                   The Classic Naturals

Walk in Beauty                                                            Adams Quest

Rhythm Ron                                                                 Dee Unique Accessories

Just Judy                                                                        Flikr of Essence

Compton Center for Self Improvement           Yoli Holistic vibe


CDU Mobile HIV Screening                                  Compton Business Chamber

Best Start LA – Compton Chapter                      One United Bank

Compton Council PTA                                            Unearth and Empower

DaVita Dialysis Center                                            Los Angeles Metro Transit

State Farm Insurance                                              WLCAC

Charter College                                                           El Camino College, Compton

Century 21 Action!                                                    SEIU- ULTCW

Know Me Network                                                     FemAALES Project

Make Your Online Processing Fee Payment Here

You can pay the processing fee with a credit or debit card via PayPal. (Click the “PayPal” icon below to pay your application fee securely online.)


For More Information

For information regarding the Blue Line Farmers’ Market please feel free to give us a call at (888) 353-5554 x 9 or you can submit your questions below.

Directions to the Blue Line Farmers’ Market MLK Transit Center

(Compton Blue Line Station)

From Downtown Los Angeles 

Take Interstate-110 S for 8 miles. Continue and Merge onto Interstate-105 E toward Norwalk for 2.5 miles. Take the Wilmington Ave exit, Exit 10. Turn Right onto Wilmington Ave (1.7 mi). Turn Left onto W. Rosecrans Ave (0.8 mi). Turn Right onto N. Willowbrook Ave (0.2 mi). Take the 1st Left onto E. Elm St (0.03 mi). Take the 1st Right onto N. Willowbrook Ave (0.2 mi). Take the 1st Left onto E. Palmer St. Arrive to 101 E. Palmer Street; Compton, CA  90220. Parking is available in the Superior Market Parking Lot.

From Long Beach

Take Interstate-710 N. Continue and Merge onto CA-91 W/Gardena Fwy via Exit 8B toward Redondo Beach for 1.5 miles. Take Exit 10, Santa Fe Ave toward Alameda St (0.2 mi). Keep Right to take the Santa Fe Ave ramp (0.2 mi). Turn Left onto S. Santa Fe Ave (0.9 mi). Turn Left onto E. Alondra Blvd (0.2 mi). Take the 2nd Right onto S. Alameda St (0.5 mi). Turn Left onto E. Compton Blvd (0.2 mi). Take the 2nd Right onto N. Willowbrook Ave (0.1 mi). Take the 2nd Right onto E. Palmer St.  Arrive to 101 E. Palmer Street; Compton, CA  90220. Parking is available in the Superior Market Parking Lot. 

From Pasadena

Take Interstate-710 S. Continue and take Exit 10, Rosecrans Ave. Keep Right to take the Rosecrans Ave ramp (0.6 mi). Keep straight to take the Rosecrans Ave West ramp (0.1 mi). Turn Right onto E. Rosecrans Ave (2.2 mi). Turn Left onto N. Willowbrook Ave (0.4 mi). Turn Left onto E. Palmer St. Arrive to 101 E. Palmer Street; Compton, CA  90220. Parking is available in the Superior Market Parking Lot.

Please do not hesitate to call/email if you have any questions or concerns.

Weekly Blue Line Farmers’ Market News

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4 comments on “The Blue Line Farmers’ Market

  1. Veronica L. Shealy
    July 16, 2013

    You are the king who manages to always manifest his magnificence. Thank you for leaving your Soul Print yet again.

    • urbanlinc
      October 10, 2013

      Thank you Queen V! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Cyn
    October 9, 2013

    Really heart warming to see the activities that welcome children with Autism. Its beautiful to see the city welcoming everyone in the community like seniors and special needs. Thank you.

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