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Incubator Tenants

Sensual Phoenix Women’s Wellness Center

Women’s FB_Profile_Photo2Wellness Counselor: J. Allen Lillie, MNH, CQH


Our mission is to assist women in raising their consciousness to achieve high physical, powerful mental, balanced emotional, and enlightened spiritual wellness by cultivating the healing and manifestation powers of their kundalini energy. Harness the power of your kundalini energy to rise like a phoenix and awaken the divine goddess in you.


3V Next Level Nutrition

Senior CV3 sm pnghief Formulator: S.C. Hall, Ph.D 


Our mission at “3V Next Level Nutrition, Inc.,” is to produce technologically advanced, state of the art, healthy drinking water and energy enhancing products and distributors while educating customers with evidence based, clinically proven, and reliable information that will help people around the world to achieve new levels of Vim, Vigor, and Vitality.


Reggie J Custom Clothing of Beverly Hill

Owner/Manager: Reggie J.


From it’s conception in the late 1990’s Reggie J Custom Clothing of Beverly Hills has continued to supply the finest handcrafted garments any collector could imagine in all categories. RJCC carries the most exclusive custom clothing in the world with a unique style parallel to none. A powerful self taught designer with timeless classic styling that mirrors the prestige and elegant style of Cary Grant and Desi Arnez to name a few. The company tailors to their client’s unique physic and personality and has custom designed for the likes of many dignitaries, athletes, musicians and actors.


PeanutHead Gourmet Snacks

Owner/Manager: Mark L. Lewis


PeanutHead Gourmet Peanuts are deliciously addictive, unique tasting and Virginia JUMBO unsalted peanuts that are stylishly packaged.  The bag is small enough to complement any meal yet big enough to be a quick meal on-the-go. PeanutHead’s Gourmet Sunflower Seeds “The World’s Largest Sunflower Seeds” and have only 10 mg. of salt per one ounce serving.


The Esther Project Services

Owner/Manager: Lettisse Bell


The Esther Project Services,  is a program affiliate of Blessed Without Limits, Inc , which is a 501 c 3 Public Charity organization, started in the year 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  Our mission and goals are to provide services to clients that are transitioning into becoming self sufficient.


Mobile Media King of Beverly Hills

Owner/Manager: Jevon Taylor


We at Mobile Media King are the innovators, the movers and shakers of Internet-Mobile-Graphic Design-Social(IMaGeS) Media Marketing. We utilize the latest in proven cutting-edge technology to build awareness for you, your company/organization & connect you to your customer base Whenever you like, Wherever they are.

N Source Apparel

safe_imageOwner/Manager:  JQ Jackson


Apparel production with all services provided – Screen-printing, Embroidery, and packaging. We mostly work with clothing companies but work with clients in all industries for their promotional needs.


Glover Industries

Owner/Manager: Kenyon Glover


Its mission is to help individuals reach their highest potential in mind, body and spirit also through health & fitness, motivation, leadership and discipline. G.I. offers a unique range of services all under one umbrella striving to surpass its competitors in quality, innovation and value.

 G.I. optimizes human potential, increase happiness and maximizes the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for acquiring, developing and retaining talent. It gives people an opportunity to link and connect services without having to go to the next person.


MSE Network, Inc.

Owner/Manager: J. MmseLogoitchell, J. Lillie

Sports & Entertainment Incubator

The MSE Network ‘s mission is to create more opportunities for minorities in sports and entertainment through leveraging the power of a cooperative economic incubation system.

Based in Downtown Long Beach, CA, The MSE Network will be a Member-Owned Movie Production Company and School offering classes in Acting for Theater, Film, Radio, TV, Internet and Multi-Media Publications.

Paul Elgin GFX

Owner/Manager: Paul Elgin


Design & conceptualizing has been a part of my DNA since birth, so as a result I’ve decided to channel my passion into something tangible. From fashion, to entertainment & graphic design, I put 200% into every project I procure. My curiosity, impatience ( at times), and willingness to learn & constantly grow has been the catalyst to my success in the design industry. The journey to current day has been long & tedious, but most importantly rewarding. I provide services in HTML , HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Adobe Master Collection,  WordPress & Joomla CMS systems.


Employment Ad Solutions

eas bgOwner/Manager: Angela Henry


EAS was created in 2011 during the greatest economic hardship since the Great Depression in 1929. The purpose is to service business owners and employers alike by finding both ethical and qualified employees for their business growth and production. In addition, EAS offers economical services for its clients to assist in maintaining their administrative budgets for business during their hiring needs.


Enterprise Level Consulting Inc.

twitter_logoOwner/Manager: Jonathan Mitchell


Jonathan is well versed in Oracle Core Products such as ORACLE RDBMS, ORACLE APPS SERVER, E-BUSINESS,and etc…  He has a strong background in several Application Solutions such as SAP, Oracle Application 12i (E-Business) , and Sebiel. Jonathan has provided Solutions for companies such as Nestle’, Jenny Craig, NBC Universal, Gateway Inc., Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Electronic Arts Inc., Computer Sciences Corporation, Raytheon SAS, and the US Air Force over the past 12 years.


Greener Earth A Cleaner Earth Inc.

gecgOwner/Manager: Kim Galloway


Greener Earth, A Cleaner Earth’s{GEGC} mission is to feed the nation one block at a time by bridging Urban communities through the promotion/creation of neighborhood farming and beautification projects.

GEGC trains the youth and local residents in various types of gardening from the latest cutting edge technologies to the oldest tried and true traditions. By partnering with Urban communities and their local schools we are planning green alleyway projects where abandoned alleyways are cleaned up and transformed into productive useable green areas where residents and students can work together and create future self sustained Urban Farmers Markets.

3G Capital Inc.

Owner/M3gcanager: Marion Maxey


3G Capital Inc. specializes in 401k implementation and takeovers, premium financing for high net worth executives and individuals, executive bonus plans, buy/sell agreements, defined benefit plans and SEP -IRA for small business or doctors. Marion Maxey’s relationships with over 75% of fortune 500 financial financial institutions allows him to implement alternative investments, tactical and risk management to his clients portfolios to better enhance and capture market gains while at the same time protecting their principle from market volatility. 3G Capital Inc’s mission is to deliver “Wall Street” concepts and strategies to “Main Street”. Marion Maxey’s dedication, integrity, and commitment to helping his community and people of all walks of life has made 3G Capital Inc. one of the most trustworthy and respected companies in the industry.

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