Urban Leaderpreneurs

Launch Your Dreams, Visions, & Ideas Today!


Urban Leaderpreneurs {UrbanLinc} provides aspiring young entrepreneurs with the necessary support services and funding to launch their Dreams, Visions & Ideas.

Urban Leaderpreneurs {UrbanLinc}, in partnership with MI Hope, Inc. / Green Hope U.S.A. is a non-profit organization based on the ideas and principles of cooperative economics. It was created to develop and empower underserved urban areas by cross-training the leaders of tomorrow in the enhanced entrepreneurial techniques of organization and community building through leveraging the power of a cooperative economic incubation system.

Have you ever thought about starting or expanding a business, but you didn’t know where to find the basic information and support you needed? Did you know that companies that start in a business incubator have an 87% success rate vs only 42% for companies that start out on their own?

Urban Leaderpreneurs’s business incubation model is a non-profit, community project assisting new businesses and organizations to succeed by providing:

  • Our comprehensive training program that integrates over 250 proven business and financial accelerators to help you rapidly achieve your organizational and personal goals.
  • Access to attractive, fully equipped full time offices, virtual offices, or office and conference rooms by the hour at low costs.
  • Access to our full suite of business service providers through UrbanLinc’s 12 Power Divisions which includes clusters of experts in Finance, Image Development, Communications, Real Estate, Advertising & Public Relations, Printing & Publishing, Insurance & Leasing, Technology & Information Systems, Management, Administration, Legal, and Marketing & Research.
  • Both initial and follow-along counseling with UrbanLinc’s Certified Business Counselors.
  • Business Plan Development and UrbanLinc’s Business Certification Courses.
  • Access to UrbanLinc’s SBA and Venture Capital Partners for your business funding needs.
  • And a friendly, supportive and nurturing business environment.

Join UrbanLinc NOW!

We are actively seeking partners, sponsors, advisers,  and clients. If you are interested in becoming part of our UrbanLinc Incubation Network, we will include your information on our site and let others know how to connect with you.

For information on how to participate in our projects and activities, please contact UrbanLinc NOW!

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