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About UrbanLinc

Urban Leaderpreneurs {UrbanLinc} in partnership with MI Hope, Inc. / Green Hope U.S.A. is non-profit organization based on the ideas and principles of cooperative economics. It was created to develop and empower under served urban areas by cross-training the leaders of tomorrow in the enhanced entrepreneurial techniques of organization/community building through leveraging the power of a cooperative business incubation system.

Urban Leaderwtcpreneurs {UrbanLinc} serves as a facilitator of diverse projects, businesses and individuals. These include managing assets, while providing financial services, global strategic banking, teaching factories, business incubation, neighborhood cooperatives, job training programs, youth training and entrepreneurial programs.

Collectively,these provide a synergistic approach to reviving the urban small business community, managing resources, capital availability, investment and interaction within broader or global economic and ecological community. Urban Leaderpreneurs has researched the most successful models of institution building, infrastructures, business incubators, cooperatives, teaching and testing factories and research consortia that create wealth.

Urban Leaderpreneurs has and continues to play a vital role in providing economic solutions, financial strategies for investors, workshops and training programs on new trends and technology innovation as well as business incubator models helping urban businesses compete in the global market place.

UrbanLinc’s Specialized Global Economic Ventures and Strategic Partnerships are designed to better meet and adapt to the ever-changing needs of our global economic community. Come join us in partnership for a global economic and ecological change, this is a time in our world history that it is needed most.

WELCOME! To the family of successful businesses, where failure is not an option when adaptation or adjustment in services or product positioning exists, please ask questions, learn, again set the time, we are your business innovative resource, here to help.

Join UrbanLinc NOW!

We are actively seeking partners, sponsors, advisers, and clients. If you are interested in becoming part of our UrbanLinc Incubation Network, we will include your information on our site and let others know how to connect with you.

For information on how to participate in our projects and activities, please contact UrbanLinc NOW!

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