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Urban Leaderpreneurs, Inc. provides young entrepreneurs with the support services and funding to launch their Dreams, Visions & Ideas.


Urban Leaderpreneurs, Inc’s{UrbanLinc’s} mission is to inspire, develop and empower young persons in undeserved urban areas by cross-training the leaders of tomorrow in the enhanced techniques of organization/community building through leveraging the power of a cooperative business incubation system.


If you would like to join UrbanLinc in our efforts of reclaiming our youth and effect positive economic change in our communities, please make donations to:

Urban Leaderpreneurs, Inc.                                               

One World Trade Center Dr.

Long Beach, CA 90802

You can also make your donations by Credit Card. Just click on the link below.

PPD 2 bgWe will be more than happy to provide all necessary documentation for individuals and corporations for Tax deduction purposes.

Thank you for your support!cropped-images-9.jpeg

Join UrbanLinc NOW!

We are actively seeking partners, sponsors, advisers,  and clients. If you are interested in becoming part of our UrbanLinc Incubation Network, we will include your information on our site and let others know how to connect with you.

For information on how to participate in our projects and activities, please contact UrbanLinc NOW!

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